Let members know if a site isn't paying or is a potential scam.
To report a suspicious member, go to Trade With Caution.
 #27  by JohnConner
 Sun Jun 18, 2017 2:08 pm
This section of the forum is for reporting scams.

Offtopic posts will be removed.

If you see a scam from outside the forum, or sellers/service providers that haven't paid up, this is the place where you can tell the world what a bunch of shit people they are. If you see a scam from inside the forum, report it here so the staff and users can conduct a witch hunt and find the user responsible and judge them for their crimes.

Users found starting false witchhunts will be banned and then mocked.

Scans from outside the forum must be marked [EXTERNAL], while scams from inside the forum must be marked [INTERNAL].