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We have compiled a list of MUST READ books to help you grow your business, website or online sales. Best of all, most of these books are free! Some of the nuggets here will blow you away. Lots of stuff found here you can implement straight away. Make sure you read our reviews and them out for yourself.  

We are always updating this list, so make sure you bookmark it and check in from time to time. 

​These books will change your life! See the list of our recommended books below. Click them to learn more!

Dotcom Secrets - Russell Brunson

This is the book that started it all for me. It has actually changed the way I have looked at upsell, online business and the mentality of my customers.

There ​is so much marketing wisdom in this book, if I didn't read it I wouldn't be where I am today. Nearly every single page is examples, actionable content or scripts. 

No fluff or beating around the bushes here. Make sure you check out our review of Dotcom Secrets here or get a free copy now

108 Proven Split Test Winners - Russell Brunson

In marketing, you need to know how to test your data and action it. What internet marketing guru Russell Brunson and the team have done is put 108 winning split tests into one book. Some of these tests may surprise you!

Make sure you check out our review of 108 Proven Split Test Winner PDF or get a free copy now

Funnel Hackers Cookbook - Russell Brunson

Clickfunnels​ is the best and easiest sales software you can get. You can check that out here. ​This book ​ shows you how to build the perfect funnel, depending on what you are selling. This is a must have for any funnel builder. 

Make sure you check out our review of Funnel Hackers Cookbook or get a free copy now

Expert Secrets - Russell Brunson

You are an expert. Right now there is something you could tell someone everything about​, and turning passion into products is easy with Expert Secrets.

Expert Secrets ​shows you how you can use your ​expert information to build a social movement and position yourself as an expert in that field. Your message has the ability to change someones life. 

Make sure you check out our review of Expert Secrets or get a free copy now

Marketing Secrets Blackbook - Russell Brunson

99 Marketing Secrets that will change your business and change your life. This book is the latest in the series, containing different snippets from the Marketing Secrets podcast.

​You can get a copy in PDF form right to your inbox instantly. 

Make sure you check out our review of Marketing Secrets Black Book or download a free copy now