So now you have your Clickfunnels 30 day trial, built your landing page, You've read all the books, now you need people to sign up to buy your products. So what is the best way to get customers interested in buying your product? You could try Facebook ​or Google ads but we are going to tell you why people use Solo Ads!

What are Solo Ads you ask? Well basically, there are other marketers out there who have spent the time and money building their own email lists to hundreds and thousands of people. They then ​rent out that list to you. 

solo ads demo

What this means is you can write your own message, place your own links and subject then send it to their list. All this is done via the dashboard of the solo ads software.

So why do people use Solo Ads to make sales and get opt ins?

  1. They are cheap, some solo ads sellers are less than $0.30  cents per click (high quality).
  2.  You ONLY pay for the clicks that visit your page, you don't pay for junk clicks.
  3.  The leads are interested in what you are promoting. 
  4. High Quality traffic.
  5. Trusted Solo Ads marketplace.

This is a must have for any marketer who is building your email lists.