How To Ewhore

How To Ewhore: Everything You Need To Get Started!

In todays guide we are going to show you how to ewhore! Now while we cover most basis here, we are not sure on legality of anything here and its all just theory. This is not supposed to be taken seriously! Anyway we hope you enjoy the article!

What Is E-Whoring?

E-Whoring Is Where you Sell nude pictures to Horny Teenagers, and Pedo’s, You Manipulate them into Buying “YOUR” Nudes. These Old & Young Horny Men think you are a young Teen Girl Selling Your Nudes.

What Is Social Engineering?

Social engineering, in the context of security, is understood to mean the art of manipulating people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. This is a type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or computer system access. It differs from traditional cons in that often the attack is often a mere step in a more complex fraud.

Basically, Social engineering is a trick to getting something you want Or manipulating someone peace by peace to get something you want.

Caution: If you cannot bare to take something from someone unfairly or your emotions get in your way when you know you are doing something bad this is NOT the thing for you…

How To Use Social Engineering As An Ewhore

There really is no one method to social engineering there is a long list to social engineering but what I’m going to explain is the basics of social engineering I will provide Scenarios and situations when social engineering and how risky and dangerous it can be.

So lets say I want free gum I would call up or email the company (Calling is better) So if were to call them up I would say “Hello there “Customer name” I’m “Fake name here” And I just bought 5 packs of (type of gum here) and when I popped a piece into my mouth it tasted horrendous it tasted so bland and disgusting and I’ve never had a problem with your companies gum, I hope this does not happen again because every week I go to the local 7 11 and buy 5 packs of gum”

BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BOOM FREE GUM it’s basically always going to be like that. Whenever SE’ing anything. Also you might need to talk a little bit more with the guy or girl but you will eventually get to the free gum part. That was just an example of how a conversation would go.

What Are The Risks?

The different risk of social engineering is crazy like when SE’ing gum they might ask exactly where you bought it from and your address a precaution when social engineering is never using your real address EVER!!!!! Because 1.Someone else might answer the door not you. 2.You could have already got caught and not known it.

So as you see the risk varies on the situations you are in especially if you are expecting like TV’s, Laptops or anything else.
This is also considered fraud. Always have a drop house (Vacant house to send SE’d package too)

Why My Ewhore Guide is Good For Noobs?

Just started E-Whoring and have no idea where to start? This guide should help you greatly & Put you on the Right path to successful E-Whoring and Make a good bit of Coin.
This guide should explain everything you need to know about How to start E-Whoring. (successfully)

What You Need:

  1. A Hotmail/G-Mail/Live Account.
  2. A Registered PayPal Account., You can use other things besides Paypal, But its what I would use
  3. An E-whoring Pack, Or Multiple.

Let’s Get Started!

When you Have everything you need it is Great to Write Down all your Details (In case you forget)

Creating An Email

Creating an E-mail I personally like to use LIVE But you Can use whatever,
So Make a New E-Mail account, Name it something girly Like iIl take the name: Taylah And now turn it into Something that looks girly.
E.G: <~ Taylah_BabeXO@HotMail.Com ~>…… Ok maybe not as extreme, But something girly.

Optional. If you have Facebook Go Though your Friends list and go to some girls Profiles and Goto INFO, In INFO (Sometimes it Won’t be there depends on their privacy settings) It Will say there E-Mail and Have a Look at it and get some ideas.

Get An Ewhore Pack

Now what you Want to do is Get a Good E-Whoring pack, Packs come in all sizes, Some Might have 100 some might have 50. You can Find LOTS of Free E-Whoring Guides on HF, Or just google it and see what you Find.

Create Your Avatar

Now You Want to create your Female identity, Now it Might be a Great Idea To open Notepad and write down a few lines, Now take a Name.(preferably)The One you used in The HotMail. So ill Take Taylah
You Might want to do it like this:
Name (First): Taylah
Name (Last): Jackson
Age: 18
Born: Melbourne (Australia)
Hometown: Ney York
Currently living: California
Past: My Ex boyfriend Threatened to Kill me Because I Dumped him.
Present: I’m Living By Myself
Family: My dad died when I was 13 (Manipulate them)
Animals: I have a Pet Pussy Cat
Life: My dad died when I 13, My Mum never Re-Marryed. We Moved when I was 15 Because my Ex Threatened to kill me Because I Dumped Him, I got kicked out when I was 17 because Mum caught me Having
Sex in her bed. Now I’m Selling Nudes and trying to get Enough money to buy a car.
Haha Ok, that was my Story I came up with In 10 Minutes. Be as Creative as You want.

How To Ewhore and Find Prospects

Now you have your E-mail, Paypal, Identification. Your Ready

  1. Now Goto craigslist, (I have Found craigslist to be A Great Place To Sell Pictures)
  2. Go to: or
  3. Goto Personals Then Men Seeking women
  4. Then Click the Link: Men Seeking Woman.
  5. Then Goto: Post And make an Account.
  6. Then Goto: your E-Mail and activate Your Craigslist Account.
  7. Then Make a Post Called something like this: Selling My Nudes. xo
  8. Now return to your E-Mail and Wait Some time, in 30 minutes you will have LOADS of E-Mails From PEDO’S!
  9. Now you will have lots of horny pedos E-Mailing you, Now play it cool and don’t get worried.
  10. Now They E-Mail you saying stuff like: “Hey, Are you still selling Nudes?” and Stuff Like that.
  11. Now just Say something like: “Yes I have 100 of Me xo. How Much am I worth to you <3?” And they Might reply: “$15, $20, $50”

Some Guys might Say “Can I have a Sample?” and Just send them the Kinkiest Photo you have and say: “that’s only the Start, xo”
Sometime’s you might be talking to them for 20 Minutes and then finally get the Money, Other times you Might talk to them for 30 Minutes and they end up buying nothing

They Might say something like: “How do I Pay?”
Just reply: “Paypal, Gift baby xo.” just send it To “(KinkyE-Mail)

Now using This Guide and Following this Steps You should successfully Make an Income. The first person I gave this idea to made $134 Dollars From E-Whoring and he hasn’t done it very long.

Thanks For Reading this how to ewhore guide, I hope it Helps and Fixes all your E-Whoring Questions. If This Helped Please a Comment, For support. Of course, you can replace craigslist on whatever you want. But remember, this is all theory on how to ewhore.

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