If you are in touch with the world of online marketing, you might have heard of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a business platform worth trying. ClickFunnels was designed by Russell Brunson, an internet marketer who has made millions using this software. ClickFunnels is currently one of the most powerful funneling creation tool on the market. This all-in-one sales funnel platform offers you a shopping cart, auto responder, email service and much more.  Here is a comprehensive ClickFunnels Review.

What exactly is ClickFunnels?

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ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel service that enables businesses to sell and deliver their products online. It is a software that simplifies online marketing and selling of products, all while allowing you to interact with your customers. 

Top Features of ClickFunnels

Funnel Template Blue Prints

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ClickFunnels has 22 types of funnels that can be used successfully for any business entity. The Funnels are classified into three categories: 

  • Lead capture funnels
  • Sales page funnels 
  • Event funnels. 

Each funnel type has its own free templates and paid templates. Even if you have no web design skills, you can still have a funnel page professionally designed.

Great Visual Drag and Drop Editor

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The ClickFunnels editor helps the user to make each page in a funnel in their own desire. Pages in ClickFunnels are set using sections that have number of rows and columns.  You can specify using the ClickFunnels editor which one is easy to use. Users can also select components on that page and move them where they want them to be. Modification of any element property can be done on the fly-out sidebar.

Huge Selection of Page Elements

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ClickFunnels provide elements that are essential for giving flexibility to design the exact page according to user preference. Some of the basic elements provided by ClickFunnels include button, input forms, and headline and video widgets. 

ClickFunnels also provides other advanced elements such as surveys, progress bar, pricing tables and progress bars. Nearly all elements in ClickFunnels can be customized and users can change common properties like background color, fonts and margins. Some elements have specific characteristics like the image URL for the image element.

Sharing Your Funnels with Your Friends and Clients

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The Share Funnel URL is situated inside the setting tab of any of your funnels. When users visit the URL, they can easily add the funnel to their accounts if they’re already members. If they’re not members, they can register. The share URL acts as an affiliate link and one can get a recurring commission if a new user end up staying. 

You can also become a click funnel consultant and create sales funnels that you can sell to small enterprises and in the ClickFunnels marketplace. Plus, you can get readers into your own funnel by providing something valuable that they can use themselves.

Tutorial and Onboarding Process

ClickFunnels provide many tutorials that help you familiarize with their service. Once you sign up, you are introduced to a 7-day challenge on-board process. This process involves four different games, each game having steps to complete. 

Each step involves a task and a short video clip where Russell’s Brunson is explains what to do to finish the process. Even though the whole process is optional, once you complete all the steps you can win yourself a prize from ClickFunnels.

How much does ClickFunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels has two price models depending in the features of each plan.  The first plan is the basic plan that costs $97 and other is the Full Suite costing around $297. The primary difference between the two plans is the number of sales funnels and landing pages allocated each month. 


What are the Top Benefits of Choosing ClickFunnels?

  • Easy and Simple to Use

ClickFunnels make it easy and simple to complete sales and marketing funnels aims for all type of business entity. There are different types of marketing funnels and each requires good designing and implementation to attract the intended customer. ClickFunnels is very useful and easy to use and implement. 

  • Prebuilt Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels enables end users to deal with a range of prebuilt marketing and sales funnels. All things that have to be implemented are chosen to meet the specific needs of the user.  

  • Save Money and Time

ClickFunnels allows you to save money, time and effort when organizing marketing and sales funnels from the start. It makes it easy for you to set up sales and marketing funnels. ClickFunnels also speed ups the A/B split testing phases as users do not have to take out the web template that are not working.

  • Get Multiple Templates 

In ClickFunnels the user is well introduced to a selection of templates which are well tested and proven to work efficiently and responsively.

  • Ideal for Internet marketing

ClickFunnels is very helpful when it comes to selling, marketing or delivering products and services online. It is also best platform for collecting sales and market leads.

  • Manage Your Sales

The software helps you promote and build your customer base across the world by providing physical or digital products or services. Plus, you can easily track channels and sources from which your users are coming from.

  • Simple and Quality Web designing 

ClickFunnels eliminates the need for many other business entities and third parties to integrate with your website. It allows you to design, develop and create web pages dedicated to marketing your products. 

  • Multiple Applications 

ClickFunnels allows you to develop all types of different application, designed to increase the volume of prospective sales. It is a platform that effectively boosts up the business market sales to improve your business position and increase conversion rates.

What are some cons of ClickFunnels?

  • ClickFunnels offers a diverse array of features. Thus, it doesn’t excel in one single category as it is designed to manage every single aspect of your sales process.
  • Although ClickFunnels helps you build simple landing pages, it lacks the level of customization offered by LeadPages builder. 
  • ClickFunnels mainly focuses on simplicity rather than customization as some marketers feel limited with this page builder.

Final Verdict

ClickFunnels is a reliable software that allows you create landing pages, sales pages inside the sales funnels that people have to navigate through so to a take the desired action, such as buy products. It is a tool that any businesses should consider investing in. Click on the banner above to get yourself a 30 day free trial and test it for yourself!